Exploring Miami | The Calm Before the Trek

art deco building miami florida

As well as the Art Deco District tour and a spot of shopping in Collins Avenue District, I continued exploring Miami…

As I continued exploring Miami before my Trek America tour, I had a little stroll down the famous Lincoln Road Mall.

lincoln road mall miami at christmas with decorations

They had lots of shops like Victoria’s Secret, American Apparel, Aldo and many other staple American retail outlets.

I even managed to get a typical tourist style shot outside DASH Miami, which is the boutique famously owned by the Kardashian sisters. (None of them were there though…)

exploring miami dash sassoon stores collins ave miami

dash boutique miami dash miami storefront

exploring miami standing outside dash miami

As you step inside, it was just what you’d expect going into a high-end boutique – stylish, minimalist decor, everything being so clean and pristine, neatly presented items and displays. Of course, there was every piece of Kardashian merchandise you can think off (books, Robert Kardashian’s sock range, etc.).

Miami City and Boat Tour

I also booked a city tour and a boat tour exploring Miami through the reception desk at the hostel. The bus did arrive a couple of hours late because it apparently broke down.

It eventually arrived though and the driver kept making lots of jokes including how much he hated the Kardashians and Justin Bieber.

Firstly, we drove to Downtown Miami where we drove past the bridge where the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious was filmed. We then set off on our boat tour and got to see a lot of houses belonging to the rich and famous. This included a house where both Usher and Shakira have filmed music videos, a house in which Ricky Martin was most likely to be Livin’ la Vida Loca, and a house belonging to Gloria Estefan.

downtown miami palm trees and sunlight

tall buildings in downtown miami intercontinental hotel citi

downtown miami skylineNot to forget sitting on that boat on a breezy day just basking in the beautiful Miami heat and taking in some panoramic views of the Downtown Miami skyline.

miami mansion during boat tour

exploring miami boat tour white mansions and yachts

miami boat tour palm trees and millionaires homes

miami boat tour parked boats and yachts

miami boat tour modern contemporary mansion

miami boat tour mansion

miami downtown boat tour skyline view

miami boat tour skyline tall buildings and palm trees

miami boat tour millionaire's houses

miami boat tour white mansion with palm trees

miami boat tour mansion amongst palm trees

miami boat tour mansion with spiral staircase

miami boat tour mansion and white yacht outside

miami boat tour mansion and blue sea palm trees

miami mansion with palm trees miami boat tour

downtown miami boat tour mansion with usa flag

downtown miami millionaires houses

miami skyline view palm trees

miami beach marina and yacht

beautiful miami sunset over sea

miami sunset and skyscrapers

downtown miami skyline at sunset

We continued exploring Miami in the bus and we drove past so many places, including Coral Gables, and we saw the cemetery which inspired Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. We then stopped off at Little Havana, which was an equally vibrant place.

little havana standing outside cuban restaurant

miami clay hotel espanola way

After the mini Miami adventure was over, I checked into the Clay Hotel for the tour to begin where I met a couple of my fellow trekkers.

We then had lunch at the Clevelander on Ocean Drive where we were served by scantily clad waitresses.

We went to the World Erotic Art Museum and, as you’d expect, a lot of the stuff we saw was very NSFW, including much-loved Disney characters in questionable positions. So I wouldn’t be able to post any pictures on here(apart from the one below which is the tamest one of them all!)! If you do decide to visit Miami, then make sure that this is on your to-do list!

miami world erotic art museum

South beach miami florida

south beach miami florida trek america

I have to say that Miami has been one of my favourite places to ever travel to so far and I really hope to come back soon.

After meeting the rest of the gang and our tour leader, Allen, we then set off on the journey to Key West, where the festive fun would begin…

Hope you’re enjoying these posts so far. Stay tuned for more…

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