Trek America | Christmas Celebrations in Key West

key west sunset from sunset cruise

After we filled out the paperwork and everything, we embarked on the journey to Key West on Christmas Eve.

We went for a bite to eat on the way at this pizza place, which I can’t quite remember the name of. As soon as we arrived in Key West, we headed off on a sunset cruise, where we listened to a live band and danced along to the music. We then headed off into a few bars playing ‘I Have Never’ and even went to a rooftop bar where we saw an old age couple dancing topless!

key west fury boat sunset cruise

key west daytime landscape from sunset cruise

key west sunset cruise sunset landscape and sea christmas eve

christmas eve in key west christmas lights at night

Christmas Day in Key West is so different from Christmas back home in the UK. Obviously, the weather’s so much better but there’s just such a lively atmosphere. In the UK, it’s like ghost town – the streets and roads are pretty empty and everywhere’s closed.

key west florida bird on boat on christmas day

sunset watersports sign key west

It was the least Christmassy Christmas ever, but it was so much fun and, dare I say it, the best Christmas EVER! One thing for sure was that it beat being stuck inside, forced in front of the TV watching Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Eastenders, just like what happened the Christmas before.

Before all that, all of the under 28-year-olds had to take a test in order to be able to legally drive the jet skis in the state of Florida. We had to get a 90% pass rate. I didn’t pass but that didn’t matter as I much preferred to be on with someone else.

key west watersports xmas day

key west xmas day

key west christmas boats and paddleboards

key west florida birds in atlantic ocean

So, for our alternative Christmas celebrations, we all booked an all day watersports package in Key West. It included lots of activities, including parasailing and jetskiing.

The parasailing was EPIC (oh, by the way, I did contact the company about the parasailing photos but they said that they don’t have them anymore as they deleted them from the camera 🙁 ). When it got to the banana boat to do the the jet skis, that was when the fear and dread kicked it. I have this fear of being underwater and drowning (even with the life jacket on, I was still extremely terrified). Also, I’m not the strongest swimmer so the thought of being in open water far away from land makes me as scared as shit (I’ve just found out that the fancier term for this is thalassophobia.)

It all started when I was a kid and almost drowned in my local swimming pool. Anyway, after trembling on the dock wishing that teleportation was actually a thing, I can tell the rest of the group must have been like…

After standing there trying to untangle the threads of terrifying thoughts inside my head, I slowly got in the water with the help of the rest of the group. I was so happy that they were all really encouraging and supportive of me. That was when I felt I’d really bonded with them.

key west banana boat

key west banana boat fun xmas day

key west watersports banana boat

So I’d overcome the challenge if getting on the banana boat. During the ride in the middle of the ocean to the jet skis, a random gust of wind came down on us and blew us into the sea, me included. Next thing I know my head was underwater. That’s when I’d reached a huge state of panic…

key west florida banana boat fail

THIS was the moment… #bananaboatfail

jet ski watersports in key west florida

jetskiing on xmas day in key west florida

jetskiing in key west on xams day

To wrap up a very wet Christmas after our day of watersports, we then had our Key West-style Christmas dinner at a rooftop seafood restaurant and just chatted away. A Christmas never to be forgotten, that’s for sure.

A massive thank you to Key West Foto for the awesome watersports photography!

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