Trek America | The Everglades – Gators & Glamping

the everglades airboat tour florida

The next day, we checked out of our hostel in Key West and set off for the Everglades.

We stopped off at a cafe on the way back from the Keys where I finally got to have a little taste of the infamous Key Lime Pie. It was a bit like a lime flavoured cheesecake but with a softer and much creamier texture. After a four hour drive from Key West, we finally reached The Everglades and set off on an airboat tour where we got to take in a bit of the wilderness.

We got to take in lots of beautiful landscapes and greenery and spotted a few alligators in their natural habitat.

the everglades national park swamp airboat tour

the everglades national park airboat tour everglades swamp tor trees and landscape with greenery

everglades florida airboat tour

everglades airboat tour through a marshy swamp

everglades swamp tour blue sky and bright sunlight

everglades airboat tour in sunlight

everglades boat tour

everglades alligator in the grass

everglades florida grass

everglades airboat tour group photo

We then spent a bit of time in the wildlife park where we got to see some cute animals, including some bears, bobcats, ostriches, ponies and some adorable otters. The bears were just digging huge holes, which we did find quite entertaining to watch.

everglades bobcat sitting down

everglades bears digging holes

everglades porcupine eating

everglades otters den

everglades wildlife park animals

everglades wildlife park pony

everglades ostrich

We then got a taste of the real Trek experience and set up a stove in the picnic area whilst a couple of the girls cooked for us. Afterwards, we gathered around a campfire nearby and made some s’mores. You can’t get more American than that!

After that, we then spent the night in a traditional chickee cabin (a simple hut on stilts). Even though it was very basic with bunk beds, it was still a very unique experience. It gave me a little taster as to what it would have been like if I’d have done a camping tour as opposed to a budget lodging tour.

the everglades chickee cabin

everglades chickee hut

chickee hut and picnic benches under chickee

It was a little bit chilly and had to put the extra blanket over me plus we had to walk all the way to the other side of the park to get to the toilets and the showers.

We did wake up to some of the best landscapes and saw a few more gators before we loaded the van and the trailer and continued with the rest of the tour.

everglades airboats and landscape

everglades alligator peeking out from underwater

everglades national park landscape with blue skies and greenery

everglades shrubbery landscapes

everglades alligator

everglades national park billie swamp safari alligator

Hope you’re enjoying these Trek America posts so far. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think…

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