Getting a Reboot: My Blog has had a Makeover!

getting a reboot blog redesign

So it’s been about a year since I started this blog. But recently it’s been getting a reboot. Yep, that’s right I’ve given it a redesign as well as lots of new content ideas.

I have been posting very sporadically over the past year, but hopefully that’ll change this year. I’m completely over flowing with ideas for some exciting content and I can’t wait to start executing them. This year, my blog is getting a reboot.

The Name

So the name Lately with Laura was the last title that I had for my blog. But as time went on, I grew to absolutely despise it.

It began to feel like a name I would have come up with at the age of 15 years old or something. I just felt that it was no longer fitting and it therefore demotivated me from blogging.

The Laura Project was a name that I felt was more fitting. The reason being was that it felt a lot more personal and much more in line with my vision. The new name was mainly inspired by the title of the US TV show The Mindy Project, which you may or may not have heard of.


One thing for sure is that I want to create content that’s important to me – that I’m interested in and passionate about.

Of course, I’m very much into fashion, beauty and travel. I’m a creative soul at heart. But gaming, art tech and lots of other geeky and creative things have been passions of mine from a young age. Therefore, I wanted to create content around those areas too.

I was wondering how all that can fit into my brand. During recent months, I’ve been keen on creating a bit more tech/gaming/comic content and injecting a bit of geek girl culture into my blog. That’s something that’s not really being seen on many other blogs. I felt I could create a really unique brand here.

I really want to build on the digital skills that I’ve already acquired and work on building a social media following.

I definitely feel it’s time to up my social media strategy. Video games aren’t the only thing that are getting a reboot here.


As you see, I’ve had a new header design which I’m absolutely in love with. I ordered it from Etsy and a very talented Korean lady created it for me. Boy did she do an incredible job! It’s given my blog a whole new lease of life.

The inspiration for it came from when I was recently in Sephora in Singapore and I looked at a superhero-style design on the gift boxes. That’s when I saw the potential in it to be an amazing concept for a new blog header.

Hopefully, a full custom blog design could be on the cards soon.

A YouTube Channel?

Being out of work for extended periods time meant that I binge-watched YouTube videos for hours. It’s now reached a point where my creative fires have been continuing to burn bright. I have a really strong desire to create my own video content.

I hear that many of the biggest names on YouTube started their channels in order to deal with shyness and anxiety.

Lately, I’ve been wondering ‘Does that REALLY work? Could it work for me?’ As someone who’s had lifelong anxiety issues, I am considering giving it a go.

Even if a barely get subscribers or views, I have nothing to lose (or potentially a lot to gain).

I reckon it’d be a lot of fun. I’ve already got a notepad full of ideas of videos I really want to make. Now it’s just a matter of plucking up the courage and making sure these ideas are made into videos.

I’ve always had a burning interest in post-production. I genuinely DO want to learn about video production, editing and marketing.

I think I’m gonna give it a go.

It’s still a work in progress and I’m always figuring out ways to improve. They’ll be lots of tweaks and little shifts as you’ll probably see.

The new layout will definitely push me to up my photography game and think more carefully about aesthetics.

I feel that my skills aren’t bad for a beginner/novice, but there are still tonnes to learn and develop…

I would love to know your thoughts on my redesign in the comments…

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