G Adventures: Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring | Christmas in Krabi, Thailand Pt.2

After an overnight train and a three-hour bus journey from Bangkok and Suratthani, we finally made it to our next destination, Krabi.

Krabi had a much more laidback vibe in comparison to Bangkok and not so congested with traffic. It felt like much more of a holiday destination with many resorts.

ao nang beach krabi thailand with longtail boats

The beaches were absolutely stunning and were definitely just like the pictures I spent ages gazing at on Pinterest.

After a little On Christmas Eve, we went for a spot of island hopping and snorkelling. With me not being a strong swimmer, I didn’t do it and took a little dip in the water instead.

ao nang beach krabi thailand south east asia longtail boats

krabi island thailand paradise

We then had a delicious BBQ on the beach which was just so divine even though I wasn’t feeling 100%. We had chicken kebabs, shrimps and washed it all down with some delicious fruits. Best Christmas Eve feast ever!

Whilst the rest of the group went out, I still needed to recover from the nausea so I decided to stay back at the hotel and get some much-needed rest. Being on the sleeper train then on the boat really did take its toll on my body.

christmas in krabi thailand island and long tail boat crystal clear waters

krabi island tour by sunset

What I needed more than anything was a good night’s sleep not on a moving vehicle. I literally just went straight to sleep and I was out like a light.

The next day, Christmas Day, I was feeling a lot better. A lot more refreshed and rejuvenated. Christmas Day was a lot more relaxed and chilled out compared to the previous year in Key West. We basically just relaxed on Ao Nang Beach just watching the world go by and having time to relax in the sun.

Then we went to a beauty salon in the same complex as the hotel and had an oil massage. Trust me, I needed that massage after the all-consuming, full-on previous couple days on the tour.

After that, we headed to a restaurant and had some Christmas dinner and took a nighttime walk around Krabi.

krabi island tour greenery shrubbery snorkelling

krabi thailand scenery

selfie on island tour turquiose waters

On Boxing Day, we embarked on a Phi Phi Island tour and headed to that exact same beach where the movie The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed.

krabi paradise and longtail boats lagoon

krabi island koh phi phi island tour island hopping

longtail boat koh phi phi island

the beach leonardo dicaprio island lagoon set of movie beach

krabi thailand little monkeys on a cliff

Unsurprisingly, it was packed thanks to the leading man himself and a popular tourist destination. It was just so breathtaking though being able to witness it in person and live and breathe it.  We also cruised by the Viking Cave and saw lots of little monkeys.

After a day out on Koh Phi Phi Island, it was time to spend one last night in Krabi before getting ready to cross the border into Malaysia.

More on my G Adventures Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring coming soon…

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