G Adventures: Bangkok to Singapore | Heading to Penang, Malaysia Pt.3

streets of penang malaysia street art colorful buildings architecture

After the adventures in Thailand had come to an end, it was time to cross the border and see what Malaysia has to offer. First stop was Penang.

After a 10 hour minibus drive, we eventually arrived in Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia. Penang is very well known for its street food. So for dinner we went to this night market with food stalls where they serve all sorts of different types of food. For example, Indian, Chinese, teppanyaki, dim sum, dumplings and even traditional Western food were just some of the things on offer.

penang beach by the bay malaysia georgetown cityscape

penang buildings and gateways

The next day was a city tour of Penang where we took at city tour and saw many beautiful and colourful temples. We also sampled some coffee in many different flavours. We walked along the Penang Heritage Trail along the waterfront. We also got to see some Clan Jetties, which are houses on a set of stilts over water. They were home to numerous Chinese clans. There are lots of little shops in there as well in case you wanted to pick up some souvenirs.

a temple in penang malaysia georgetown

penang red lanterns chinese temple doorway

penang malaysia georgetown temple interior red lanterns

penang chinese temple interior

penang walking tour temples malaysia

penang apartment buildings

penang malaysia cityscape with green plants

We also went into a little shop selling all sorts of things made with batik. It brought back lots of memories of art lessons in school when we were doing this and we got a close up look of the way batik was done.

We then paid a visit to the Botanical Gardens, known as the Monkey Gardens because of the long-tailed monkeys that hang around there.

penang botanical gardens monkey gardens monkeys sitting in front of plants

penang botanical gardens outdoors blue sky green grass gazebo

penang botanical gardens brown wooden bridge and bushes

penang botanical gardens shrubs

We visited quite a few Chinese temples in Malaysia. We paid a visit to the biggest Buddhist temple in South East Asia – Keh Lok Si Temple.

penang temple brown buddha statue

penang colourful chinese red and yellow lanterns

penang temple malaysia

penang temple

We also went to Penang Hill, watched the sunset and caught some of the most amazing views of Georgetown once we reached up the top – both at daytime and at dusk. We also drove by Keh Lok Si Temple on the way back to the hotel and it’s safe to say it was beautifully sit.

penang hill malaysia view of penang from penang hill

penang hill view of cityscape at dusk

penang hill view of cityscape night time buildings lit up LIT

penang temple by night

temple penang night statues

The next morning, I briefly explored the surrounding area before it was off to the Cameron Highlands. Penang also has some very impressive and creative street art, as you can tell by the following pictures.

sightseeing in penang in archway with street art in penang georgetown malaysia

penang street art little girl pigtails blue babydoll dress

penang street art man rowing a longtail boat on wall

penang streets architecture

penang street art penang food trail georgetown world heritage site

After a morning stroll I managed to get quite a few pictures. What’s more, we even learned that Jimmy Choo was Malaysian and went to the place where his undertook his first apprenticeship. You really do learn something new every day…

malaysia georgetown penang penang street art jimmy choo apprenticeship muntri street buffer zone georgetown world heritage

Have you visited Penang? would you ever visit Penang? What are your favourite things to see and do there? 

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