G Adventures: Bangkok to Singapore | Cameron Highlands, Malaysia Pt.4

malaysia cameron highlands boh tea plantation

Here’s a quick recap. So over the festive season, I embarked on a tour with G Adventures, Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring. After leaving Penang, we headed for the Cameron Highlands next.

After a minibus journey through steep hills and long, winding roads, we arrived at the Cameron Highlands, which was on a hilltop. The next leg of the Malaysia adventure had begun.

The Cameron Highlands had more of a small town feel to it in comparison to where we visited so far.

Later, we were having some dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, we took a short walk around the town area. The next morning we headed out for some activities, travelling in a 4×4 tour, starting off with a jungle trek.

cameron highlands malaysia jungle trek 4x4

cameron highlands jungle trek bushes branches trees

cameron highlands jungle trek bendy path

We then visited BOH Tea Plantation where we learnt about how tea is produced from tea leaves to the tea you drink. We also learnt about how it’s manufactured before heading to the factory for a tour. BOH tea the largest tea brand in Malaysia.

cameron highlands boh tea plantation malaysia 4x4 driving past

malaysia cameron highlands 4x4 trees tulips

cameron highlands pahang malaysia tea plantation greenery boh tea leaves

The tea plantation really reminded me of being in a rural English countryside and had so much gorgeous greenery. It felt very different to the places we visited thus far.

cameron highlands tea plantation malaysia boh tea malaysia

cameron highlands malaysia tea plantation hills trees

cameron highlands pahang malaysia boh tea plantation

After having a bit of lunch at the café, sampling some of the delicious tea, I picked up a box of peppermint tea bags to take home with me.

After spending time at the tea plantation, we then paid a visit to the butterfly farm. There were also tarantulas and I managed to get some gorgeous close-up shots of the butterflies. My personal highlight of my experience – and the trip as a whole – was getting up and close and personal with some insanely cute racoons.

cameron highlands pahang malaysia selamat datang butterfly farm entrance

cameron highlands butterfly farm nature macro butterfly on leaf

cameron highlands malaysia butterfly farm butterfly yellow flowers

cameron highlands butterfly farm butterfly

They made my heart melt so much and they were surprisingly friendly as well. Aww. But we were then told that people don’t keep them as pets because they’re wild. As well as racoons, we also saw some guinea pigs, hamsters and butterflies…duh.

cameron highlands butterfly farm malaysia racoons on a cage

cameron highlands butterfly farm racoon female

cameron highlands butterfly farm male racoon

cameron highlands malaysia butterfly farm racoon on cage

cameron highlands frogs

cameron highlands malaysia butterly farm racoon

The strawberry farm wasn’t quite as interesting as the butterfly farm. After heading back to the hotel and taking a much-needed nap, we headed out to another nearby restaurant before getting ready to head to Kuala Lumpur.

Stay tuned for more on my journey through Bangkok to Singapore…

Have you been to the Cameron Highlands? Would love to know your thoughts…

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