G Adventures: Bangkok to Singapore on a Shoestring | Exploring Singapore, Pt. 7

singapore city scape purple flowers

After quite a brief visit to Melaka, it was time to leave Malaysia behind and move onto our last stop on the tour, Singapore.

After we crossed the border, we arrived to some very rainy weather in Singapore. We walked around the surrounding area of our hotel, mainly Bencoolen Street.

Singapore is a bustling city hence the reason I decided to add an extra few days and explore. I spent the afternoon by myself after lunch and took a little stroll in a nearby mall, Plaza Singapura. It had so many different shops there.

singapore tall building

River Cruise

singapore river experience cruise ticket macro bokeh

Later on, as one our last group outings, we went on a river cruise along the Singapore River. We saw the statue of Merlion, an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish, an iconic symbol of Singapore. We also got a glimpse of Esplanade, the quays and the bridge.

singapore river sunset g adventures

singapore riverside shopping centre

colourful buildings singapore riverside hooters

singapore river cruise view of skyscrapers and tall buildings

singapore merlion statue river bank

After dinner at Marina Bay Sands in the food court, we had a little wander round the Bayfront and watched a Laser Show, which was free.

singapore group photo river cruise

singapore laser show marina bay sands

singapore marina bay sands laser show

laser show singapore marina bay sands wedding

laser show free singapore lights green lasers

Then we headed to the sky bar for some drinks. It was so spectacular. It had an infinity pool (which we never went in as you had to be a guest at the hotel for that plus you’d need to have a reservation) but the views were just mind-blowing.

marina bay singapore louis vuitton store cityscape

singapore city marina bay skypark

singapore cityscape view from marina bay sands

singapore gardens by the bay at night overhead view

singapore marina bay sands skybar infinity pool night view cityscape singapore city

Seeing the Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore skyline all lit up was just the most beautiful thing ever. It was definitely one of the best sights on the trip.

Gardens by the Bay

gardens by the bay singapore buddha statue

gardens by the bay skypath skypark

The next day we went to Gardens by the Bay for the day as the tour had officially ended. We went through the sky walk as well as the Flower Dome. There was the Merry Medley display there. This means there were lots of extravagant looking Christmas decorations so it was very festively decorated. it looked so pretty.

merry medley display inside flower dome gardens by the bay singapore

singapore gardens by the bay flower dome Merry Medley floral display

inside flower dome singapore gardens by the bay merry medley display xmas decorations

gardens by the bay singapore flower dome merry medley display xmas tree fairy glitter ball

christmas decorations at gardens by the bay flower dome gold christmas trees

marina bay sands gardens by the bay tourist shot

In fact, everything was so beautiful though and it was safe to say that my camera got a good workout!

Singapore Flyer

After my first night in the Bunc Hostel, I decided to head back to Marina Bay Sands for the day before heading to the Singapore Flyer. It’s Singapore’s answer to the London Eye.

singapore flyer from distance

The Singapore Flyer is definitely one of the best places to get some of the best views of Singapore from above. It’s also very relaxing.

view from singapore flyer ride on singapore flyer bay

singapore flyer view gardens by the bay and domes

view of marina bay from singapore flyer

marina bay singapore city scape

Singapore Botanic Garden

I went to the Singapore Botanic Gardens which, to be honest, wasn’t as good as the Gardens by the Bay. Nevrtheless, there were still some beautiful sights to take in…

singapore botanic garden fountain flamingoes

singapore botanic garden waterfall water feature

Oh and can we please just take a moment to look at how Orchard Rd looks during night time? If you ever do go to Singapore, be sure to look into doing a night time city tour…

orchard road singapore orchard gateway orchard central night time neon lights


One of my last activities before leaving Singapore was a walking tour around Chinatown. We got to see the world’s cheapest Michelin-star eatery and walked past some live frogs and eels.

chinatown singapore street

chinatown from hop on hop off sightseeing bus

During the walking tour, we paid a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, known to house the tooth of the Buddha.

chinatown singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

chinatown singapore inside buddha tooth relic temple

buddha tooth relic temple chinatown singapore inside

hawker chan the cheapest michelin star meal in the world chinatown singapore

The Cat Café

I had to pay another visit to The Cat Café before leaving Singapore after visiting for the first time a couple of days before. I had a lot more time there this time. It was my first time visiting a cat café after hearing so much about them and how they’ve quickly become a thing. The cats were absolutely adorable and it was nice and relaxing.

black cat cat cafe

cat in cat cafe singapore

the cat cafe singapore cat on surface

Have you been to Singapore? What other sights and experiences would you recommend?

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Bangkok to Singapore adventure! I’ll be sharing my first impressions of South East Asia in a future post…

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