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purple bridge cityscape san francisco golden gate bridge

There are so many countries I really want to visit. I recently discovered that I want to do a lot more travelling (and I mean A LOT) so here’s my travel bucket list…

I remember being a child and compulsively reading this world atlas that I had (and still got as a matter of fact, after checking my room) learning about all sorts of different countries and wanting to visit them. Just spending my days wondering what it’d be like. My recent trip to the States and South East Asia has only added fuel to that passion for travel and having so many amazing and exciting experiences. In my life, I haven’t had the chance to travel as often as I want to, but that WILL change. So I decided to create a travel bucket list.

I also realised it when I hit rock bottom, went through some really rough periods in my life and felt like an epic failure and a let-down. I wanted more out of life.

I’ve always had the travel bug but I have it now more so than ever.  One of the biggest regrets that I have in my life is that I didn’t do enough travelling and really wish I’d seized the moments.

I want to visit many more national parks, buzzing metropolitan cities, sandy, exotic beaches. I just really want to get a feel of many different cultures around the world. Oh, and not to forget the Seven Wonders of the World. This travel bucket list could go on for days. I’m only just getting started…

Walkway at Red Torii gates in Fushimi Inari kyoto japan travel bucket list


Being a video game enthusiast means that it’s a no-brainer that Japan is one of my must visit countries on my travel bucket list.

The culture is always something that’s been hugely fascinating to me and it just looks like a buzzing place. I hope I get to go during cherry blossom season…

Toronto sunset cnn tower canada travel bucket list


Canada is somewhere that’s really grown on me and is becoming more and more appealing to me by the day.  I’d love to get a shot of the CN tower in Toronto and indulge myself in the multi-cultural Montreal.

I’d then love to head west to feed the burning desire of my inner city girl in Vancouver and pop my skiing/snowboarding cherry in Banff and Whistler perhaps and check out the to-die-for scenery and landscapes. My Instagram account better be ready for this…

Because it’s such a huge country, there’s so many sides of it that I really want to see and to see as much of it as possible would be mind-blowing.

shanghai skyline china by daytime travel bucket list


Maybe not the most obvious holiday destination for lots of people out there, but it definitely deserves a spot on my travel bucket list.

To be able to actually to do a hike up the Great Wall of China would be extremely epic. Not to mention all the other ‘pinch me’ moments that I’ll have during my time there…

West Coast of America

So I still need to make sure I visit all 50 states before I die and I’m only just getting started. Recently, I paid a visit to the East Coast over the festive season, so next time I head to the States, I’m curious to see for myself the wonders that the West Coast has to offer.  I’d love to see this side if the USA.

Los Angeles

Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast. Especially, Los Angeles and do one of those obligatory tacky city tours that I love doing and stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

los angeles california west coast beach lifeguard towerNo wonder so many Brits choose to live here. Boy does it look like such a bloody beautiful place. Plus, it’s such an amazing place for shopping with places like Rodeo Drive and The Grove to have a peaceful stroll in. Which famous face will I bump into during my travels here I wonder?

san francisco california golden gate bridge panaroma by night lights travel bucket list

San Francisco

I absolutely love cities and it’s no doubt that I’m a city girl at heart. I have always had this thing with skylines and really tall buildings.

So I’d love to see the sights of San Fran and go to Golden Gate Bridge and all the other Instagram-worthy architecture. Fisherman’s Wharf, anyone? I’d also love to visit Alcatraz and see what it’s all about. So exciting…

las vegas nevada welcome sign travel bucket list

Las Vegas

Seeing pictures of the famous Sin City in any travel magazine or website just instantly blows my mind. So I can only just imagine what it would be like to be here in person. While I’m certainly not looking to do any gambling, I just want the whole experience of just being in Vegas – embracing all of its eccentricities.

san diego harbour california travel bucket list

San Diego

I’ve seen lots of amazing pictures of San Diego that has made me want visit there so badly – just chill out on its beautiful beaches and soak up the culture – not to mention drive down the Californian Coast.

downtown seattle sunset skyline travel bucket list


Another city on the Pacific Coast that I would like to visit is Seattle. Yep in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a true city girl at heart. Seattle has so many interesting things about it.

dallas texas travel bucket list


I’ve always been fascinated by the city of Dallas and I do want to continue visiting the Southern States. Dallas as full of so much history and there’s no doubt that it has so many stories.

East Coast of America

Yep, done it once before, but with America being such a mammoth of a country, I ain’t done seeing it yet.  There are still so many places on the east coast of America that are on my travel bucket list. And I wanna see em…

new york city landscape autumn fall time central park travel bucket list

New York

The first time I went to New York was when I was ten years old, but that was to visit some family members. Now I really want to experience it through grown-up eyes and just have the autonomy to visit the places that I really want to visit.

charleston architecture south carolina usa travel bucket list


After falling head over heels in love with New Orleans, another part of the South I really want to visit, aside from Texas, is Charleston. I’ve seen it talked about on so many travel blogs and it looks like somewhere that is so beautiful.

downtown nashville tennessee usa travel bucket list


The home of Country music. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit such an amazing, vibrant place?

chicago bean illinois united states travel bucket list


Ahhh, the Windy City… Chicago is another city in the States that I really want to go to. From the top of Wills Tower to munching on pizza, there’s so much that I would love to see and do here…

boston massachusetts usa travel bucket list


Boston is especially beautiful during autumn, so wouldn’t mind going during that time just to see the beautiful colours of the autumnal foliage.


From one wonder of the world to another, seeing one of the most iconic statues in the world the Giza as well as the pyramids is something that can’t be missed off this travel bucket list. Egypt has lots of gorgeous beaches as well for catching those rays.

mexico chichen itza pyramid mayan ruins


After countless hours spent watching numerous travel vlogs on YouTube, Mexico seems to be a popular choice of destination. It’s hardly surprising either as a lot of these vlogs have completely sold me on an epic trip to Mexico. Mexico seems like a place of so much variety and taking lots of pics by the ruins. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to the Frida Kahlo museum.

dubai the palm atlantis


This dazzling diamond of the Middle East is such a popular destination and it’s easy to see why. So my travel bucket list just wouldn’t be the same without it. So many gorgeous skylines to be seen and desert day trips to be taken, this is something that I’m dying to experience.

sydney australia sydney opera house travel bucket list


Having met some lovely Australian people during my travels, it’s made me want to experience Australia for myself and see what it’s all about. From the Gold Coast to the Outback, there’s so much I want to see.

brazil sao paolo


I definitely want to explore more Latin American countries. Brazil is a country full of colour and vibrancy and somewhere that I’d love to visit and learn more about. I’ve heard it has some beautiful beaches. Rio De Janeiro is an insanely beautiful city with lots of awesome landmarks.

So what places are on your travel bucket list? Let me know below…

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  1. 12th January 2018 / 12:29 AM

    Wow what an incredible travel bucket list! I hope you get to visit them all! I’d never even heard of Charleston previously to this post (how bad is that?!) but it sounds amazing 🙂 We have very similar taste in travel destinations 😀


    • 13th January 2018 / 9:05 PM

      Hi Kate!

      Me too! I’d love to visit these places…

      Charleston looks like so much fun.!

      We sure do indeed! And glad to find someone else who also likes video games…

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