Allow me to introduce myself…

Working in digital marketing/copywriting/content marketing means that I’m definitely no stranger to the world of blogging.

It made me realise how much I missed blogging as a hobby, having that creative freedom and being able to curate my own content. I had so many ideas, including my recent Christmas and New Year’s trip with Trek America, which was such an incredible experience.

In fact, I had started a blog a few years ago just after leaving university but I wanted to make it bigger and better this time around and focus on areas such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech, comics, gaming and travel. Everything that interests me really. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Ever since I was little, I always loved writing (including short stories about a lady with no head and a young woman who bleached her skin) and that passion continued to grow throughout my life. It made me want to study English at Loughborough University where I was always involved in writing for the student magazine for the whole three years I was there.

Writing is always something I’ve found enjoyable and therapeutic. It’s such a gratifying feeling when someone reads what you’ve written and is inspired or entertained by it in some way. Now I’m ready to get the creative juices flowing again create some really amazing content.

I’ve been so inspired by lots of bloggers and vloggers, both new and established. I’d been reading lots of blogs and watching YouTube videos for a while now and developed an urge to begin my own creative outlet. I like the idea of being the editor of my own publication and seeing my own ideas through to fruition.

Hopefully the time will come when I do pluck up the courage to film my first video. Hopefully, that’ll be this year. The thought of opening the door into your life is such a terrifying thing.

So here it is – the story of the inception of my new blog. Hope you enjoy and be sure to keep checking back on a regular basis. You can follow all my social media channels for updates.

Until next time….